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Find Your Program

Sometimes the hardest part is choosing which direction to go after deciding to start. Below we have resources available to you, for free, to help you start your journey. When it comes to finding motivation it can help to start a program that interests you regarding hobbies you already have, used to have, or want to start. This can cause intrinsic motivation (motivated by your own interests and not external factors) which can give you increased drive to push through difficult days where energy might be lacking.

As we continue to partner with gyms and programming coaches we hope to offer you a larger variety of free programs to help you stay focused through the 4-Week Challenge, but also to continue on in your fitness journey.

Free Strength & Endurance Resources Online

  • Strength Training

    • CrossFit (Functional Fitness, Daily Workout)​

    • CronusFit (Tactical Strength & Conditioning programs)

    • CrossFit Invictus (Beginner, Advanced, Competitive level of training involving Functional Fitness)

    • Muscle & Strength (General Physical Preparedness Training)

  • Obstacle Course Racing Training / Mud Race / GoRuck Training

  • Endurance Training

    • Beginner Triathlete (Triathlon Training Programs from beginner to expert)​

    • Meet Up (A place to find a fitness club in your area)

    • Active (Running, Cycling, and Triathlon programs)

    • Map My Run (Running programs & tracking)

    • Map My Ride (Cycling programs & tracking)