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The Power to Start: A bit of motivation from the heart of the staff.

I don't care if you're 18 or 81, tall or short, out of shape or an Olympian, everyone struggles. Even though the chances are that we have probably never met, the fact that you are seeking ways to better your life or are looking to learn about the sciences relating to mental health and physical activity to help better someone else's life makes me happy.

I want you to know that whether you believe you can or you believe that you can't get started on using physical activity to control PTSD, I still believe in you. Because I believe in you, that means that there is something that I see in you that you might not see in yourself, but it is there. I promise you if you are here and you are searching for answers then I know that what you need is already inside of you and I believe WITHOUT A DOUBT in my mind that you CAN go farther than you believe you can.

If you need help to get started visit our programs page to learn more. If you need motivation, accountability, or a community of support then visit one of our partnering gyms or join the virtual community online.

If you have been waiting for that spark inside to let you know that you can do this, you can take control, and you can experience a better quality of life, just know that I see it.

If you just want to talk with people who have been to the darkness and have seen the benefit of physical activity in their own lives and in their relationships with those around them, come join the virtual community. There is no judgment, just support.

Wherever you are right now, the entire staff of Operation RSF believes in you.

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