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T-shirt Fundraiser is BACK!

Hey everyone,

We have received a number of requests via in person, on social media, and through our contact form to bring the T-shirt fundraiser back. First of all, we truly appreciate those of you who want to help support Operation RSF's mission through donations and taking part in these fundraisers but we also want to thank those of you who want to support the mission by spreading the word.

By ordering a shirt you're doing way more than financially supporting our mission, you're carrying the name and the mission into your local community. You are becoming a light to your community and opening up opportunities for discussions, bridge building, and developing opportunities to make people feel welcomed who might have been scared to reach out for help.

Help us to continue our mission to combat post-traumatic stress with physical activity and community while also combating the stigmas surrounding post-traumatic stress. Follow the link below to check out the products available and if you feel so inclined, and you are able to, feel free to add an additional donation to your order.

The fundraiser will be open until April 24th and then the shirts go into printing and should arrive at your doorstep around May 5th.


Where does the money go from the fundraisers/donations? Besides keeping the website up and running we use the funds to help spread the word about the benefits of physical activity and post-traumatic stress, we are saving to develop an online course that will be free for anyone interested which will cover the history of post-traumatic stress, the science behind physical activity and mental health, and communication methods for building bridges. The goal is to train coaches and gym staff to be able to build stronger bridges to help more people, but we can only do that through education, and training.

How much goes towards staff salaries or compensation for hours worked? None. The entire staff of Operation RSF is 100% volunteer and they believe in the mission enough to donate their time to helping others.

What is the meaning behind the logo? This is a new logo that we had made specifically for those who are already physically active and want to support the mission. The mountains represent the journey ahead which will be difficult, but much like every mountain trail when you crest and get to see the amazing sights you look back on your hardships getting there and see the worth of the struggle. The rays of light behind the mountain represent the beauty and relief that comes from the struggle. The arrow represents the lineage of Operation RSF as it was started by three U.S. Army Special Forces ("Green Berets") soldiers who were motivated after watching their brothers in arms separate from the military and struggle with Post Traumatic Stress. The crossed barbell represents the physical activity foundation of our mission as it is used to increase physical and mental health benefits as well as build relationships and strong bonds.

If you have any additional questions about our mission, the fundraiser, or Operation RSF as a whole please reach out anytime.

Stay safe, stay active, and stay healthy.

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