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How Your Feedback Can Change Lives

One of the difficult aspects of developing challenges and approaches to prescribing physical activity to combat symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress is that there is not a currently defined prescription in a medical book or manual. We develop our challenges by applying theory to practice and then use the feedback from individuals to develop the theory more which then repeats the never-ending continuum of development, assessment, application, and repeat.

We get e-mails, direct messages, and notes asking how they can help our mission or telling us how the challenges have changed their lives. WE LOVE HEARING FROM YOU, however, if you have taken part in the 4-Week or 10-Week challenge please consider helping by filling out the survey letting us know what changes you experienced.

The survey takes a total time of 4-minutes and no identifiable information is collected (even your IP address is blocked). The information you provide is invaluable in helping us develop our challenges and programs to helping future participants as much as possible.

If you have taken then challenge, or someone close to you has taken the challenge please feel free to share the link to our survey and become a part of the mission in helping us to help others.

URL: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HRRW98C

Stay active out there, stay connected, and keep moving forward.

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