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Building the Foundation

As we work to serve the PTSD community, we realize that it will take a community coming together to make the impact that we need. In order to see the greatest benefit from individuals taking the 4-Week challenge need:

Coaches: Programmers who specialize in a variety of activities. If we can increase our library then it is more likely someone committing to the 4-Week Challenge will be able to find a program focusing on a sport or activity they already have some interest in. This intrinsic motivation can help increase desire more than taking part in less individually attractive activities.

Gyms: No we are not asking you to give free memberships to individuals taking part in the challenge, rather we are looking to you to help with accountability, encouragement, and getting the individual tied into the social community within the gym. The social component has been shown to influence consistency of training and can help the individual find their tribe.

Therapists/Psychologists/Psychiatrists/Sports Psychologists/Mental Skills Coaches/Counselors: We need professionals who are already working the cognitive piece and understand the power of physical exercise to help individuals see the potential power at their fingertips. Sharing the knowledge and supplementing your therapeutic approaches with physical exercise can help positively influence the outcomes within your practice.

Regardless of your position or profession, we can all work together to help those in need. Let's join together and build the community needed to offer the support, encouragement, and social structure to help get those suffering from PTSD back in control.

- Ty

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