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Get Involved

You Can Make a Difference

It takes a community

If you have been impacted by someone suffering from PTSD or just want to help we would be grateful to have your support. Just because you are not a coach, programmer, or therapist doesn't mean that you can't make a monumental impact on someone's life. You can help Operation RSF in multiple ways, none of which involves giving money!

  1. Spread the word! Post about Operation RSF on your social media platforms, reach out to local gyms, or just tell friends and family. 

  2. Encourage your local gym to sign up as a partner.

  3. Pray for the mission of Operation RSF and all those taking the commitment pledge to start their 4-Week challenge. 

If you are a coach, programmer, or therapist please visit our Partner With Us page to find out what you can do to support Operation RSF. 

Becoming a Partner

We are looking for gyms  and coaches, who are willing to commit their energy to the mission of Operation RSF. It is free but we do have some requirements. The only three requirements to fulfilling your duty as a partner are:

1) Accountability: Make sure the individual(s) are maintaining their commitment to fulfilling the 4-Week Challenge.

2) Encourage & Motivate: They are tackling a monumental challenge. Help to encourage their effort and let them know you are excited to see them back at the gym.

3) Community: Welcome the individual into the community and help them to get tied in. A lot of the individuals who take on the 4-Week Challenge have recently separated from the military or have a background in competitive sports. They might feel as though they have lost their 'tribe' and now is an opportunity for them to regain it.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, then fill out the contact form below and someone from 

Contact Us About Partnering