Our Mission

Operation RSF provides support, accountability, and community to combat the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress through physical activity and exercise. We focus on building the support structure needed to maintain motivation, drive, and purpose through the initial difficult period of becoming active while building routines that can be continued for a lifetime.

Our Vision

Operation RSF’s vision is to develop programs that facilitate the use of physical activity to combat the symptoms of PTSD while assisting individuals to develop routines to go from a sedentary lifestyle to living an active lifestyle while also increasing their quality of life. Operation RSF plans to continue combating the stigma of mental health through the education of gyms, coaches, and athletes across the country and the world.

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How Does Operation RSF Work?


Step 1: Make a decision that you want to make a change in your life.

Step 2: Commit to becoming physically active by taking part in the 4-Week Challenge (free).  During this time you can use the interactive map above to find a partnering gym/coach near you who can help provide accountability, motivation & encouragement and community which will help you stay consistent. According to research, a single bout of high-intensity training can decrease symptoms of anxiety, while longer periods of consistent physical activity can not only decrease symptoms but provide longevity in the symptom relief.

Step 3: After completing the 4-Week Challenge, if you are ready to take the next step you can move forward into the 10-Week Challenge which requires a slightly higher commitment to being physically active while also culminating in an event that will give a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment to your journey. This can be as simple as accomplishing a training goal (e.g. running 5 miles non-stop) or taking part in an event such as a local race or competition. Research shows that around 6-Week's consistent action begins turning into a habit where daily intentions are relied on less and intrinsic motivation (internal desire) drives your actions.

Step 4: Continue developing a lifelong physical activity habit that offers a number of physical and mental health benefits. 

As you continue through your journey you will rely less on your coaches and gyms to provide external motivation as you will begin developing your own motivation and encouragement to remain active while becoming a member of the community, which can offer purpose and support of its own.

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